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‘Grandmaster Insides’ take you into the inner world of Maxim Dlugy, as he recounts and analyses what a young player went through to become a champion and what areas of development are important for self-improvements as a chess player. As the highest rated player in the world in the age group of 15 and until he became World Junior Champion at 20, Maxim had an ideal vantage point from which to recount the exploits of a talented young player. He became the highest rated blitz player in the world, won numerous International tournaments and even tied for 1-4 th place in the first World Rapid Championship in Mazatlan. His games and interaction with World Chess Champions will give the reader a deeper look at some of the best players in history such as Tal, Smyslov, Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik and even Carlsen. 



Key to Symbols used & Bibliography


Chapter 1 - How I grew up to become a Professional Chess Player

Chapter 2 - Key Moments of Development as a Child

Chapter 3 - Integration of Chess Into Normal Life

Chapter 4 - The Role of Blitz

Chapter 5 - Development of Necessary Skills: Tactics & Strategy

Chapter 6 - Improvement Secrets

Chapter 7 - How to Study Openings

Chapter 8 - Learning a new Opening System

Chapter 9 - Preparation for a Match

Chapter 10 - Preparing for the Next Round in a Swiss Tournament

Chapter 11 - Analysis & Paralysis

Chapter 12 - Touching the Stars

Chapter 13 - Enhancements: Dvoretsky, Geller, Gulko, Deep Blue

Chapter 14 - Rubbing Shoulders with the Greats

Chapter 14a - Garry Kasparov

Chapter 14b - Viswanathan Anand

Chapter 14c - Misha Tal

Chapter 14d - Vassily Smyslov

Chapter 14e - Boris Spassky

Chapter 14f - Vladimir Kramnik

Chapter 14g - Anatoly Karpov

Chapter 14h - Magnus Carlsen

Chapter 15 - Crucial Games

Chapter 16 - Chess Writing

Chapter 17 - Amazing Games and Combinations

Chapter 18 - Blitz and Rapid Successes and the Reasons for them

Chapter 19 - Grandmaster Insides


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