Forster/Negele/Tischbierek: Lasker Vol.1

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Volume 1 of our new trilogy on the perhaps most fascinating chess-player of all time.

Dr. Emanuel Lasker, cosmopolitan World chess champion for 27 years, accomplished mathematician, at home in five different countries, author, philosopher, psychologist and expert in all kinds of games, is portrayed in this splendid 464-page volume with hundreds of often rare photographs. Born into poor Polish-German-Jewish circumstances, he lived a life full of struggles. His unprecedented victories stunned the chess world, yet brought him only temporary riches.

A beautiful book , with essays by leading experts, about a unique figure, whose intellectual horizon and ambitions went far beyond the 64 squares.



Welcome to the Reader

Foreword to the English Edition

Editor's Preface

Chapter 1 - A Biographical Compass: Part 1 (Michael Negele)

Chapter 2 - Ancestors, Family, and Childhood (Wolfgang Kamm and Tomasz Lissowski)

Chapter 3 - Lasker in Great Britain (Tony Gillam)

Chapter 4 - Lasker: The American Views (John Hilbert)

Chapter 5 - Lasker and Mathematics (Joachim Rosenthal)

Chapter 6 - Lasker's Endgame Studies (Jürgen Fleck)

Chapter 7 - Lasker's Chess Problems (Ralf Binnewirtz)

Chapter 8 - The Battle Lasker vs. Tarrasch (Raj Tischbierek)

Chapter 9 - Dominator of the Chess World (Mihail Marin)


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