Paulsen: Semi-Slav 5.Bg5

Paulsen: Semi-Slav 5.Bg5

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Chess Developments provides state-of-the-art openings coverage. Chess Developments focuses on the current trends – concentrating on critical lines, theoretical novelties and powerful new ideas. It offers players of all levels the opportunity to keep up-to-date with current opening theory whilst also expanding and improving their repertoires.

In this book, Bryan Paulsen examines key lines in the Semi-Slav Defence, which is hotly debated at both world championship and club level. Paulsen covers the fascinating Botvinnik Variation, the solid Moscow Variation, the razor-sharp Anti-Moscow Gambit, the popular Cambridge Springs Defence and the hybrid Queen\''s Gambit Declined. He studies the most theoretically important and instructive games in recent years, highlighting the main developments and novelties for both sides. Whether playing White or Black, this book provides you with vital knowledge of a popular opening.

- Essential coverage and analysis of the Semi-Slav 5 Bg5

- Includes the Botvinnik, Moscow, Anti-Moscow and Cambridge Springs

- Packed with key new ideas and critical lines


About the Author


1. The Queen’s Gambit Declined Hybrid
2. The Cambridge Springs Defence
3. The Botvinnik Variation
4. The Moscow Variation
5. The Anti-Moscow Gambit

Index of Variations

Index of Complete Games

192 Seiten, 2013, kartoniert, englisch.

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