Sokolov: Chess Middlegame Strategies Vol.1

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In his well-known accessible style, Sokolov focuses on the different aspects of the complex middlegame, such as unusual rook lifts, backwards knight or bishop moves, voluntary pawn structure damage and material imbalance. As usual, Sokolov breaks new ground and provides us with a variety of instructive examples. Many were extracted from the very recent top level tournament practice. Volume 2 will be published later in 2017.


Key to Symbols


1. Unusual rook lifts

2. Backward knight moves

3. Backward bishop moves

4. Minority vs majority

5. Voluntary pawn structure damage

6. Opposite-coloured bishops

7. Defending with limited resources

8. Voluntary king run

9. Material imbalance



Figurine Notation, 228 Seiten, 2017, kartoniert, englisch.
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