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At a time when prisons are in the news due to increasing violence, drug taking and low morale, it has never been more important to focus on education and rehabilitation.

Chess makes a difference because it is a fantastic metaphor for life. We must think before making our move, and accept that our decisions have consequences. It also teaches us to learn from our mistakes and to develop a more disciplined approach to problem solving. Perhaps most importantly of all, it is a constructive use of time and helps to forge friendships.

Chess Behind Bars offers a guide to chess in prisons that will instruct and entertain regardless of your situation. It covers almost every aspect of chess imaginable – from the rules to chess history, from puzzles to famous games, and even some tips for improvement. It is a smorgasbord of chess, seen from an unusual angle.

Chess can and does change lives, and Carl Portman believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the game. After all, the prison community knows that there is a dream behind every door.

Carl Portman is the English Chess Federation’s Manager of Chess in Prisons. In 2015 he was awarded the ECF President’s award for services to chess.



Dedications & Acknowledgements

Key to symbols used


Foreword by GM Nigel Short

Author Preface

1. What Chess Means to Me

2. Why Chess in Prisons?

3. A Prison Visit

4. Women and Chess

5. Testimony from Inmates

6. A Short History of Chess and the Rules of the Game

7. Hints and Tips to Improve Your Chess

8. Motivation and Studying Chess

9. The Future of Chess in Prisons

10. Beginner’s Exercises

11. Intermediate Exercises

12. Advanced Exercises

13. The Baker’s Dozen – A Game Collection

Appendix – Is Chess Art?

Resources and Recommendations

Glossary of Chess Terms

Name Index

About the Author


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