McDonald: A Complete Guide to Flank Openings

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Two great books by Neil McDonald from the Everyman Chess Library, Starting Out the Reti and Starting Out: The English, brought together in one volume. The Réti is a popular opening at all levels of chess. The great advantage it possesses over other openings is that it's a thematic system which can be adopted against many different defences, and because of this it's a firm favourite amongst those who prefer the understanding of ideas over dry memorization of moves. In this book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald examines the Réti by going back to basics, introducing the key moves and ideas, and taking care to explain the reasoning behind them - something that has often been neglected or taken for granted in other works. The English is a sophisticated and popular opening system that is suitable for all types of players and can lead to both positional and tactical middlegames. Many of the world's top players, including Kasparov and Kramnik, include the English in their openings weaponry. In this groundbreaking book, Grandmaster Neil McDonald revisits the basic principles behind the English and its many variations. Throughout this easy-to-read guide the reader is aided by a wealth of notes, tips and warnings from the author, while key strategies, ideas and tactics for both sides are clearly illustrated. This book is ideal for the improving player.




Black Seizes Space: 2...d4

The Réti Slav: Introduction and the New York System

The Réti Slav: Capablanca's System

The Réti Slav: Black Plays ...dxc4

The Open Réti

The Closed Réti

Ideas in the English Opening

Index of Variations

Index of Complete Games




Move Order in the English

1 Symmetrical English 1: Black's Kingside Fianchetto

2 Symmetrical English 2: Early Action in the Centre

3 Symmetrical English 3: The Hedgehog

4 The Nimzo-English

5 The Four Knights: Black plays without ...d7-d5

6 The Reversed Dragon

7 Black Plays a Kings Indian Set-Up

8 Reti Lines

9 Other Variations

Index of Complete Games

Index of Variations


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