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Bauer: The Philidor-Files

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The Philidor is a dynamic and underrated answer to White’s most popular opening move, 1 e4. Recently it has acquired something of a cult following amongst certain Grandmasters, its supporters include the French number one Etienne Bacrot and the former European Champion Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu. One of its major selling points is its flexibility – Black even hasa choice of two opening moves. It also suits a wide variety of playing styles. Games can lead to sharp, tactical duels as well as strategic, positional battles.\r\n
\r\nIn this book Christian Bauer, himself a renowned Philidor expert, uncovers the secrets behind this intriguing opening. Using his own experience and other top-class Philidor games, Bauer identifies both the critical main lines and the tricky sidelines. He also examines the key tactical and strategic ideas for both White and Black, while highlighting crucial issues such as move-order options – a major weapon for the modern Grandmaster.
\r\n\r\n-Comprehensive coverage of a provocative opening
\r\n\r\n-Packed with original analysis
\r\n\r\n-Ideal for club and tournament players \r\n
\r\n304 Seiten, 2007, kartoniert, englisch.