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Best of Chess Informator - Vladimir Kramnik - (CD)

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\r\n Foreword
\r\n Bio & Facts
\r\n Tournaments
\r\n 843 published games, 391 annotated by Kramnik
\r\n White/Black repertoire trees
\r\n Stats
\r\n Best games
\r\n 5 golden games, 100 best games, Chess Informant Jury
\r\n Most important theoretical novelties
\r\n Chess Informant Jury
\r\n Theoretical surveys (C 42, D 85, E 04)
\r\n Combinations
\r\n Excellent moves
\r\n Attack
\r\n Storming initiative
\r\n Defense
\r\n Endings
\r\n Rare Blunders & Misconceptions
\r\n\r\nIn 4 different formats (Chess Informant Expert, PGN, ChessBase and Chess Assistant)