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Burgess: Chess Highlights of the 20th Century

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'The best chess, 1900-1999, in historical context: like the rest of the world, the game of chess has changed enormously during the 20th century. This book surveys these developments by focusing on the top events, greatest achievements and most brilliant games, year-by-year.\r\n\r\nThis instructive and engaging book places the chess material in its historical context with a review of the main stories of each year away from the chessboard. It will delight all those with a general interest in chess and its players, whether they are seeking to improve their game, gain a better appreciation of our chess heritage, or simply looking for entertainment.\r\n\r\n\''The book is fun to browse through and the historical aspects are well handled. The production values are high with an impressive 16-page photo section accompanying a main text of 208 pages. The book looks good\'' - GM Jonathan Levitt, CLUB KASPAROV\r\n\r\n\''A sense of glorious nostalgia descends when you crack open the latest offering from Gambit Publications... this is a trip down memory lane like no other\'' - Cecil Rosner, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS \r\n\r\n\''Each year from the past century is allotted two pages, with two or three of the most interesting chess encounters set alongside the world news of the time. Putting them in context showed a lot of these games in a new light.\'' - Luke McShane, SUNDAY EXPRESS \r\n\r\n\''Burgess has done a good job of briefly presenting the main events and games of each year, and there is certainly much in here to enjoy and to bring back memories, such as of the Fischer-Spassky match\'' Richard Palliser, HULL CHESS CLUB MAGAZINE\r\n\r\n\''A wonderful book to dip into... the icing on the cake was the marvelous collection of photographs\'' - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT\r\n\r\n\''A pleasant read...ideal for reading next to a warm fire on cold winter evenings\'' - John Pugh, CHESS POST\r\n\r\n\''Even in writing an eminently accessible, popular book, Burgess has still bothered to put a great deal of effort into details which correct the historical record. Burgess\'' selection of games and key positions is just superb, and can hardly fail to delight even jaded fans. The goal of the book is to delight the reader with a journey through our chess past and with a host of fun and intriguing games... Chess Highlights of the 20th Century succeeds in that regard\'' - John Watson, TWIC \r\n\r\n1999, 200 S., kartoniert, englisch.'