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Crouch: Modern Chess: Move by Move

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'Leading chess author Colin Crouch selects and explains over 30 sensational games, all from the new millennium. By studying battles between the world\''s best players, Crouch examines in detail all the key areas of modern chess. Powerful attacking and resourceful defending, bloodthirsty tactical battles, profound positional mastery, deep opening preparation and superb endgame play are all in evidence here, while Crouch also explores the ever-increasing role of computers and the way human imagination can work in harness with them.
\r\nThere is something for everyone in this book: aspiring players will benefit greatly from the clear explanations of the fundamentals, while stronger players will gain considerably from Crouch\''s deep insight and analysis in more complex positions. This book reflects the continuing changes in modern chess, and how you can use the lessons learned to great effect in your own games.
\r\n•Over 30 brilliant games of chess, annotated move by move
\r\n•Learn from Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Topalov and other greats
\r\n•Covers all aspects of modern chess
\r\n414 Seiten, 2009, kartoniert, englisch.'