Davies, S.: Samuel Lipschütz

Davies, S.: Samuel Lipschütz

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Samuel Lipschütz was born in Hungary in 1863 and emigrated to New York in 1880. He joined the Manhattan and New York chess clubs, and soon became champion of the latter, representing it at the British Chess Association Congress in London in 1886. Naturalized in 1888, he was the highest-placed American in the Sixth American Chess Congress the following year. In 1892 he defeated Jackson Showalter to become American champion. Suffering from tuberculosis in 1895, he lost a championship match to Showalter. Searching for a cure, he went to Germany in 1904 and died there late the following year. This book gives an account of Lipschütz’s chess career, life and milieu and addresses questions surrounding his first name, his periods away from New York and misconceptions concerning the American championship. There are 249 games included.





Young Samuel

Club Champion

Second British Chess Association Congress, London, 1886

Stare Champion

Sixth American Chess Congress, New York, 1889

The Active Player

An Excursion to the Midwest

'Lipschütz, the Chess Player'

American Champion

The Health Tourist

Return to New York

Return Match with Showalter

The Past Master

The Staats-Zeitung Cup



Appendix A. Samuel Lipscbutz’s Chess Writing


Appendix B. Samuel Lipscbiit's Match and Tournament Record

Appendix C. The Chess Games of Philip Lipschütz

Appendix D. Solutions to Problems


Index of Opponents

Index of Openings - ECO Codes

General Index


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