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Emms: Beating 1.e4 e5

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'Grandmaster John Emms presents a repertoire for White after 1 e4 e5, based on the Italian Game and the Bishop’s Opening. The lines he recommends are built upon a sound yet aggressive system of development which can be deployed against virtually every Black defence. The emphasis is firmly on understanding and executing key positional and tactical ideas, rather than the arduous process of memorizing theory. Emms covers both the main variations and the tricky sidelines, and highlights crucial move-order subtleties. This book provides everything you need to know about playing the Italian Game and the Bishop’s Opening.
\r\n• A Grandmaster’s repertoire after 1 e4 e5
\r\n• Packed with new ideas and analysis
\r\n• Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players
\r\n1 Italian Game: Modern Variation (Part I)
\r\n2 Italian Game: Modern Variation (Part II)
\r\n3 Italian Game: Classical Main Line
\r\n4 Italian Game: Two Knights Defence
\r\n5 Italian Game: Other Lines
\r\n6 Bishop\''s Opening
\r\nIndex of Variations
\r\nIndex of Games
\r\n225 Seiten, 2010, kartoniert, eglisch.'