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Flear: Practical Endgame Play

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Welcome to a new type of endgame book. A book that includes...
\r\n- The most common endgames you will ever encounter.
\r\n- Examinations of material balances you will reach in almost half of your games.
\r\n- Over 500 pages of grandmaster advice and analysis, assisted by the latest computer software.
\r\nForget those books which just recycle established theory. Forget those books which concentrate on fantastical studies. Grandmaster and endgame expert Glenn Flear has created an in-depth book of all endgames which feature either two pieces for each side, or two pieces against one - an essential area of the game that has never before been comprehensively covered in one volume.
\r\nWhy is this so important? Because these situations arise incredibly frequently in practical play. These are the endgames that matter. If you can handle such endgames well, your results will improve. This book shows you how.
\r\n544 Seiten, 2007, kartoniert, englisch.