Flores Rios: Chess Structures (gebunden)

Flores Rios: Chess Structures (gebunden)

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Mauricio Flores Rios provides an in-depth study of the 28 most common structures in chess practice. In Chess Structures – A Grandmaster Guide you will find:

- Carefully selected model games showing each structure’s main plans and ideas
- Strategic patterns to observe and typical pitfalls to avoid
- 50 positional exercises with detailed solutions

GM Axel Bachmann from the Foreword:
- Chess Structures – A Grandmaster Guide is an excellent selection of model games. By studying the 140 games and fragments in this book, the reader will learn many of the most important plans, patterns and ideas in chess.”

Mauricio Flores Rios is a grandmaster from Chile. He achieved the title at eighteen, and is a regular member of Chile’s Olympic team. Mauricio combines his career as a chess player and trainer with his PhD studies in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota.


Foreword by Axel Bachmann

Keys to Symbols used and Bibliography



Family One - d4 and ...d5

1. The Isolani
2. Hanging Pawns
3. Caro-Kann Formation
4. Slav Formation
5. The Carlsbad Formation
6. Stonewall
7. Grünfeld Centre

Family Two - Open Sicilian

8. Najdorf Type I
9. Najdorf Type II
10. The Hedgehog
11. The Maroczy

Family Three - Benoni

12. Asymmetric Benoni
13. Symmetric Benoni

Family Four - King’s Indian

14. KID Type I
15. KID Type II
16. KID Type III
17. Open KID
18. KID Complex

Family Five - French

19. French Type I
20. French Type II
21. French Type III


22. Various Structures
The 3-3 vs. 4-2 Structure
The Panov Structure
The Dragon Formation
The Scheveningen Structure
The Benko Structure
The Closed Ruy Lopez
The Lopez Formation


23 Exercises

24. Solutions

Name Index

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