Gormally: Calculate Like a Grandmaster

Gormally: Calculate Like a Grandmaster

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This first book from one of the UK’s top grandmasters is a penetrating and detailed (though engaging and friendly) study of typical games played by the most exciting chess players of the modern era, those that are renowned as ‘attacking’ players, from Mikhail Tal, pioneering hero of the ultra-modern attacking style, to Magnus Carlsen, teenage leader of the ‘new wave’ of deadly attackers, via the immortal Bobby Fischer, ‘boa constrictor’ Anatoly Karpov and ‘King Garry’ Kasparov. The author has tried to get into the heads of these stellar players, revealing the secrets of how they choose their decisive moves and succeed in delivering such awesome attacks.

This inspiring book encourages you to play more imaginatively and copy the grandmasters’ thought processes in your own game.

About the author

Daniel Gormally is one of the UK’s top grandmasters. He represented England in the Chess Olympics in 2006 and has published articles in the world’s top chess magazines New In Chess and Chess. This is his first book. He lives in Alnwick, Northumberland.



Chapter 1: Tal and the tree of plenty

Chapter 2: Self Handicapping

Chapter 3: Simply Shirov

Chapter 4: Topalov and the age of computers

Chapter 5: The magic of Moro

Chapter 6: Vishy Anand - Speed superstar

Chapter 7: Bobby, the two K\''s and Les Enfants Terribles

Chapter 8: My own experience

Figurine Notation, 256 Seiten, 2014, kartoniert, englisch.