Gormally: Mating the Castled King (gebunden)

Gormally: Mating the Castled King (gebunden)

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Every chess player loves to win with a devastating attack. But even beginners know the importance of early castling, so the most significant attacking strategies are those against a castled king. Danny Gormally sheds light on this vital area of the game, arguing that pattern recognition is key to improvement. This book strips away the mystique surrounding successful attacking play, and identifies several recurring motifs which can be applied to specific pawn structures and scenarios. Well-chosen model examples and test positions are complemented by the author’s lively writing style.

Danny Gormally is an English grandmaster with a peak rating of 2573, who is famous for his attacking style


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Chapter 1 - A Few Helpful Ideas

Chapter 2 - 160 Mating Finishes
Bishop Clearance
Back-rank Mate
Bishop and Knight
Breakthrough on the g-file
Breakthrough on the b-file
Destroying a Defensive Knight
Breakthrough on the h-file
Dragging out the King
Exposing the King
Greek Gift Sacrifice
Queen and Bishop
Queen Breakthrough to h7
Rook and Bishop
Kingside Fianchetto
Rook and Knight
Mate in the Corner
Mate on the h-file
Queen and Knight
Smothered Mate
Two Rooks

Chapter 3 - Pawns and Pieces

Chapter 4 - Breakthrough with Pieces

Chapter 5 - Breakthrough with Pawns

Chapter 6 - Typical Pawn Breakthroughs

Chapter 7 - Conclusion and Exercises

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Figurine Notation, 335 Seiten, 2014, gebunden, englisch.