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Greet: Play the Queen's Indian

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'The Queen\''s Indian is a dynamic and flexible way to meet 1 d4. Using Nimzowitsch\''s principles, Black adopts the hypermodern plan of controlling the centre with pieces rather than the traditional idea of pawn occupation, and this approach often leads to complex and intricate positions rich in ideas both sides. Such is the high regard for the Queen\''s Indian that virtually all the world\''s top players have utilized it at one time or another.
\r\nIn this book Andrew Greet presents a complete repertoire for Black in the Queen\''s Indian. He reveals his secrets from years of experience in the opening, offers answers for Black against all of White\''s tries for an advantage, and highlights the principal tactical and positional plans for both White and Black. This book tells you everything you need to know to play the Queen\''s Indian with confidence in your own games.
\r\n- Coverage of a popular opening
\r\n- Written by a well-known Queen\''s Indian expert
\r\n- Contains deep explanations and original analysis
\r\nBibliography 4
\r\nPreface 5
\r\n1 Early Bishop Developments 7
\r\n2 The Straightforward 4 e3 19
\r\n3 The Hybrid System: 4Nf3 Bb4 36
\r\n4 The Hybrid System: 5 e3 49
\r\n5 The Hybrid System: 5 Qb3!? 58
\r\n6 The Hybrid System: 5 Bg5 79
\r\n7 The Main Line Hybrid: 5 Bg5 with 9 e3 90
\r\n8 The Petrosian Variation: 4 a3 Ba6 112
\r\n9 The Petrosian Variation: 5 e3 120
\r\n10 The Petrosian Variation: 5 Qc2 129
\r\n11 The Petrosian Main Line: 10 Bf4 & 10 Bg5 147
\r\n12 The Fianchetto Varia tion: 4 g3 Ba6 169
\r\n13 The Fianchetto Variation: 5 Qa4 185
\r\n14 The Fianchetto Variation: 5 Qc2!? 206
\r\n15 The Fianchetto Variation: 5 b3 227
\r\n16 The Fianchetto Variation: 5 b3 b5!? 6 cxb5 232
\r\nIndex of Variations
\r\n256 Seiten, 2009, kartoniert, englisch.