Hoffmann/Keener: The Czech Benoni in Action

Hoffmann/Keener: The Czech Benoni in Action

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Had enough of the same old queen’s pawn openings? Afraid of losing just because you forgot White’s latest move 23 novelty in the main lines? Tired of giving up draws to weaker players who’ve learned how to drain the life out of Black’s major defenses to 1.d4? If so, then the Czech Benoni (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e5!?) may be exactly what you need.

In The Czech Benoni in Action, two practitioners of this little-known but sound counterattacking system join forces to show how you can pose novel problems for opponents of all strengths, leaving them to fend for themselves as early as move 3.

Flank gambits, deep behind-the-lines maneuvering, and wildly unbalanced positions are the norm here. Focusing on strategic ideas rather than masses of variations, and using complete games to show how the themes persist even into the ending, the authors survey White’s common responses and explain how to handle attempts to sidestep Black’s setup. To help guide you through the complications, a concluding selection of typical tactical motifs rounds out the most complete treatment of the Czech Benoni in print.




Chapter 1: White Plays f4
Chapter 2: White Plays f3
Chapter 3: White Plays Nf3
Chapter 4: White Plays g3 and Bg2: The Pure Czech Benoni Approach
Chapter 5: The Yukhtman Variation
Chapter 6: White Plays Nge2
Chapter 7: White Attacks with h3 and g4
Chapter 8: White Plays h3
Chapter 9: The Czech Snake
Black Plays ...Ng7!?
Chapter 11: The Kevitz Gambit: White Plays 3.Nf3
Chapter 12: Common Early Deviations
Chapter 13: Czech Benoni Potpourri

Tactics in the Czech Benoni


205 Seiten, 2014, kartoniert, englisch.