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\''Garry\''s Choice\'' - exclusive column by Garry Kasparov. The 13 th World champion dissects top games of modern chess/ in English, 6 pages

\''Top Five\'' - exclusive annotations by five world\''s top players, Morozevich, Tomashevsky, Vitiugov, Moiseenko and Inarkiev/ in English, 23 pages

\''CI Labs 113\'' - 10 theoretical surveys with original analyses by GMs
Cheparinov, Ivanisevic, Delchev, Sundararajan, Erdos, Pap, Halkias, Sanikidze, Markus and Perunovic. Modern lines from ECO codes:

English opening A20 and A 30, Volga-Benko gambit A57, Sicilian Defence B42, French Defence C02, Ruy Lopez C67 in two lines Berlin Defence and Rio de Janiero variation, Queen\''s gambit D35 and D39, King\''s Indian Defence E97, in English, 47 pages

\''Rising stars \'' column is presenting young Greek champion Antonis Pavlidis with two of his recent annotated games/ in English, 5 pages Portrait of Alexander Morozevich - The best from his career so far, in Informant non-language style, 31 pages

Games - traditional section with 222 annotated games / in Informant non-language style, 171 pages

Usual Informant content : Contest for the best game and novelty, Combinations, Endings, Excellent moves, Problems by M.Velimirovic, Studies by Y.Afek, Tournaments