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'Issue #111 celebrates Chess Informant\''s forty-fifth jubilee! Between these royal purple covers is a treasure trove of material for all chess lovers. This single issue offers more than 300 annotated games, a similar amount of game fragments, brilliant combinations, instructive endings, excellent moves, chess problems and studies.
\r\nYou will also find the Portrait of Alexander Grischuk and voting for the best ten games and ten most important theoretical novelties from Chess Informant 110.
\r\nBeyond this, there are two new columns: \''Chess History\'' written by Harald Fietz, about the famous San Sebastian 1911 tournament and the centenary of José Raúl Capablanca\''s first visit to Europe, and \''Women in Chess\'' by WGM Anna Burtasova, dedicated to the legendary Maia Chiburdanidze, who celebrated her jubilee birthday in 2011.
\r\n325 Seiten, Figurine Notation, 2011, kartoniert.'