Ippolito/Hilton: Wojo’s Weapons - Vol.3

Ippolito/Hilton: Wojo’s Weapons - Vol.3

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Part I: The Open Fianchetto Grünfeld

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Fianchetto Grünfld: Woja´s Dynamic System with 11. Bg5
Chapter 2: The Fiancetto Grünfeld, Main Line with 10. Qc2!?
Chapter 3: The Open Grünfeld with 7...c5
Chapter 4: Black Strengthens White´s Center by Taking on c3
Chapter 5: 7...c6 and Black´s Other Tries

Part II: Black´s Solid Grünfeld with ...c7-c6

Chapter 6: Black Bolsters The Center with ...e7-e6
Chapter 7: Black Takes with 7...dxc4, Struggling for Active Piece Play
Chapter 8: Black Grovels with 7...Qb6
Chapter 9: Odds and Ends: Black Moves His a-Pawn

Part III: The English Opening

Chapter 10: The Marócy Bind
Chapter 11: The Half-Marócy Bind
Chapter 12: Black Plays for ...e7-e6 and ...d7-d6
Chapter 13: Queen´s Indians, Hedgehogs, and the Rubinstein Variation

Part IV: The Dutch Defense

Chapter 14: The Leningrad Dutch
Chapter 15: The Stonewall Dutch
Chapter 16: Other Dutch Defenses

Part V: Miscellaneous Defenses

Chapter 17: The Old Indian
Chapter 18: Other Odds and Ends with ...d7-d6 and ...e7-e5
Chapter 19: Other Tricky Systems

Index of Recommended Lines

Index of Players

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