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Kasparov: Kasparov vs Karpov 1986 - 1987 Vol.3

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'Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov are unquestionably the protagonists who featured in the greatest ever chess rivalry. Between 1984 and 1990 they contested five long matches for the World Championship. This 3rd volume of the,\''Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess\'' series concentrates on the third and fourth matches in this sequence: London/Leningrad 1986 and Seville 1987. Both matches were tremendously exciting and hard fought and both produced chess of an extremely high level.
\r\nThe 1986 clash was groundbreaking in that it was the first World Championship match between two Soviets to take place outside Moscow. It was split between London and Leningrad with twelve games being played at both venues. The defending champion was now Kasparov (having won the 1985 match) and he leapt into an apparently decisive three point lead. However, this sensationally dissolved when a crisis broke out in the Kasparov camp. Karpov exploited this and pulled off the remarkable feat of winning three games in a row. Kasparov finally regained his composure and eventually clinched the match with a late victory.
\r\nThe 1987 match was notable for it’s sensational finale. Kasparov approached the final game with a one point deficit, knowing that only a win would enable him to retain the title. When the game was adjourned overnight in a position where Kasparov had to win to stay champion, Spanish TV cleared its entire schedule so that the nail-biting conclusion could be watched live. A pre-internet global audience of millions was glued to their TV screens as Kasparov ground out his historic victory.
\r\nIn this volume Garry Kasparov (world champion between 1985 and 2000 and generally regarded as the greatest player ever) analyses in depth the clashes from 1986 and 1987, giving his opinion on the background to the matches as well as the games themselves.
\r\nForeword 5
\r\nThirsting for Revenge
\r\nDifficult negotiations
\r\nBlitz preparation
\r\nThe Third Match: 1986
\r\nKarpov-style start (games 1-4)
\r\nFirst disaster (games 5-7)
\r\nThe ex-champion\''s anti-record (games 8-10)
\r\nBest draw of the match (games 11-12)
\r\nBetween the Thames and the Neva (game 13)
\r\nSpanish passions (games 14-16)
\r\nThree zeroes (games 17-19)
\r\nStab in the back
\r\nRetribution (games 20-22)
\r\nNot only for the title (games 23-24)
\r\nThe Year between Matches
\r\nBirth of the GMA
\r\nMeeting in Brussels
\r\n\''A trap for the champion\''
\r\nPsychological blow
\r\nBefore the start
\r\nThe Fourth Match: 1987
\r\nPlay with \''golden towers\'' (game 1)
\r\nFatal indecision (games 2-5)
\r\nRevival (games 6-10)
\r\nInsidious numbers (games 11-16)
\r\nDrawing series (games 17-22)
\r\nFantastic finish (games 23-24)
\r\nIndex of Openings
\r\nIndex of Games
\r\n432 Seiten, 2009, fester Einband, englisch.'