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Kasparov,S.: The Dynamic Benko Gambit

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The Benko Gambit is a great opening for those who like aggressive chess. Black sacrifices a pawn for active play on the queen¬side and his initiative often continues into the endgame. That’s why the opening is very popular among club players, but also World Champions such as Veselin Topalov, Vishy Anand and Garry Kasparov have played the Benko.

Sergey Kasparov has practiced the Benko Gambit himself for many years. He knows all the subtleties of Black’s and White’s plans in detail. In lively, personal and highly instructive prose he presents a complete repertoire, with many new concepts, for Black.

Kasparov helps the reader to get a firm grip on this opening. He does not present endless computer variations but concentrates on ideas and concepts. After studying The Dynamic Benko Gambit, amateurs as well as professionals will be much more dangerous attackers!

Grandmaster Sergey Kasparov (1968) was born in Baku, AzeRbaijan, and now lives in Belarus. He has won many tournaments throughout the world and is a regular contributor to the New In Chess Yearbooks.



History of the opening

Nuances of the First Moves

PART I - Main Lines

Chapter 1 - The Fianchetto Bg2

Section 1 - 9.Nf3
The Line 9...Nbd7
The Border Line 9...Nfd7
The Line 9...0-0
Section 2 - 9.Nh3

Chapter 2 - The Wandering King

Section 1 - King goes to h2
Section 2 - King goes to g2
The Preventive h2-h3
Saving Time
Section 3 - King’s Knight to e2
Section 4 - The Idea g2-g4

Chapter 3 - The Languid Variation

Section 1 - The Early ...e7-e6
Section 2 - The Typical Volga Structure

Chapter 4 - The Sämisch Way

Section 1 - Ignoring with 5...d6
Section 2 - The Instant Counterstroke 5...e6
Section 3 - The Basic Variation 5... axb5 6.e4 Qa5+
The Countersacrifice 7.b4!?
The Blockading Knight: 7.Bd2

Chapter 5 - An Intricate Variation

Section 1 - Appeasement
Section 2 - The Main Line
White Maintains the Outpost d5
Material Equality

Chapter 6 - An Adventurous Variation

Section 1 - White Captures on b5
Section 2 - 6.e4 b4 7.Nb5 d6
Line A: 8.Bf4
Line B: 8.Bc4
Line C: 8.Nf3

PART II - Frictionless Development

Chapter 7 - 4.Qc2

Chapter 8 - 4.Nd2

Chapter 9 - 4.Nf3

PART III - Rare Lines for White

Chapter 10 - The Manoeuvre Nf3-d2xf1

Chapter 11 - The Break d5-d6

Chapter 12 - The Early f2-f4

Chapter 13 - 4.a4

Chapter 14 - 4.f3

Chapter 15 - Doubtful 4th Moves

PART IV - White Avoids the Gambit - 2.Nf3 c5 3.d5

Chapter 16 - Modest Development

The Manoeuvre ...Nb8-a6-c7
The ...Bc8-g4 Sortie
Rare Lines

Chapter 17 - A Disturbing Check - 6.Bb5+
Section 1 - 6...Nfd7
Section 2 - 6...Nbd7
Section 3 - 6...Bd7
The Early h2-h3
The ...Bg4 Sortie
The Main Line

Chapter 18 - The Principled Reaction - 3...b5 4.Bg5

A 4...Ne4
B Rare lines
C 4...Qb6
D 4...d6



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Game Index

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