Kotronias: Beating the Anti-Sicilians, (kartoniert)

Kotronias: Beating the Anti-Sicilians, (kartoniert)

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The Sicilian Defence is the most combative way to meet 1.e4, but Black’s hopes of reaching his favourite Dragon, Najdorf or Sveshnikov are often quashed at an early stage. In Grandmaster Repertoire 6A – Beating the Anti-Sicilians, grandmaster Vassilios Kotronias provides full coverage against White’s many attempts to steer the game away from Open Sicilian territory. Beginning with sidelines on move 2, and extending all the way to variations tested at World Championship level, the author provides expert recommendations against all White’s sensible deviations (as well as some not-so-sensible ones!) with specific advice tailored for 2...d6, 2...e6 and 2...Nc6 players.
Be it tackling Wing and Morra Gambits head first, outmanoeuvring 2.c3 and Closed aficionados, bashing 3.Bb5† or ruining the Rossolimo, this book contains everything you need to make your opponents wish they had played 2.Nf3 and 3.d4!

Vassilios Kotronias is an experienced grandmaster and ten-time Greek Champion. A Sicilian expert, he is feared for his profound opening preparation.


Key to symbols used & Bibliography
Various 2nd Moves
1 Rare Options
2 2.g3 and 2.d3
3 2.b3
4 Wing Gambit
c3 Sicilian
5 Introduction
6 Rare 5th Moves
7 Various 7th Moves
8 7.Bc4
9 9.Qe2
2.Nc3 Nc6
10 Tiviakov Grand Prix
11 3.Nge2
12 3.Nf3
13 6.Ng5
14 Grand Prix Attack - 5.Bc4
15 Grand Prix Attack - 5.Bb5
Closed Variation
16 Various 6th Moves
17 6.Be3
18 6.f4
19 2...g6
20 2...e6
21 2...d6
2.Nf3 Nc6
22 Introduction
23 Rossolimo - 4.d4
24 Rossolimo - 4.Bxc6+
25 Rossolimo - 4.0-0
Variation Index

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