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Lane: Improve Your Chess in 7 Days

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No time to study but want to win more chess games? Improve Your Chess in 7 Days is packed with practical tips, hints on how to improve, learn from the champions and find out how to beat them - in just a week. With one short chapter for each day of the week, the book is ideal for social chess players and includes a sprinkling of chess cartoons to keep you smiling as you read:
\r\nDay 1 - So You Want to be Good?
\r\nDay 2 - Understanding the Openings
\r\nDay 3 - Strategy versus Tactics
\r\nDay 4 – Creating the Attack
\r\nDay 5 – Avoiding Blunders
\r\nDay 6 - Mastering the Ending
\r\nDay 7 – The Art of Swindling
\r\nMoving On
\r\nWith comments and advice after each move, this is as clear a guide to improving your chess as you will ever need.
\r\nAbout the Author
\r\nAustralian chess champion and Player of the Year for 2004, Gary Lane is a prolific and popular chess author. He has written over a dozen titles, including Find the Winning Move (ISBN 0713488719) and Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings: Black (ISBN 0713489502). Gary Lane lives in Australia.
\r\n204 Seiten, 2007, kartoniert, englisch.