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Marin/Garrett: Reggio Emilia 2007/2008

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'This book celebrates fifty years of the famous Italian tournament. All the games are analysed, many of them by the players themselves: those sharing their wisdom include award-winning author Mihail Marin, rising star Ni Hua, tournament winner Zoltan Almasi and the legendary Viktor Korchnoi. In addition, photographs and entertaining stories take the reader behind the scenes at a top-class tournament.
\r\n• Insights from famous grandmasters
\r\n• An elegant and enlightening tournament book
\r\n• Beautiful black & white photography
\r\nMihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania. His previous books for Quality Chess have established him as one of the world\''s finest chess authors.
\r\nYuri Garrett is an Italian publisher and tournament organizer
\r\n288 Seiten, 1. Aufl. 2010, kartoniert, englisch'