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Melts: Scandinavian Defence 3...Qd6 2nd Edt.

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'A Very Dangerous Weapon!
\r\nIn 2001, Correspondence Master Michael Melts\'' book on the dynamic 3...Qd6 variation of the Scandinavian Defense grabbed the attention of chess world.
\r\nIt began to be played regularly at all levels. Novice and Intermediate players found it easy to learn and understand, while powerful grandmasters such as Sergei Tiviakov realized it was an excellent line in which Black could play fearlessly - and soundly - for a win.
\r\nNow, in the second edition of The Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3...Qd6, the author has added a tremendous amount of new analysis, insight and practical recommendations.
\r\nThis revised and enlarged second edition will provide both a solid foundation for meeting 1.e4 while at the same time allowing considerable room for creativity and original play.
\r\n301 Seiten, 2. überarbeitete und erweiterte Aufl. 2009, kartoniert, englisch.'