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Naroditsky: Mastering Positional Chess

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'Mastering Positional Chess is a serious, but entertaining chess instruction book. Daniel started writing it when he realized that his lack of positional understanding was causing him to lose many games.
\r\nDespite his young age, Daniel’s mature style and systematic method of working stand out. He gives crystal-clear, verbal explanations on the essence of positional chess, thus showing himself to be a born writer and instructor.
\r\nThis refreshingly original book contains six chapters on the important positional aspects of chess, with many attractive games and fragments from Daniel’s own games, but also from games by top players like Kasparov, Karpov, Topalov and Petrosian.
\r\nNaroditsky\''s course covers the following subjects:
\r\n-- Prophyaxis
\r\n-- Defense in worse positions
\r\n-- Building and breaking fortresses
\r\n-- Positional sacrifice
\r\n-- Paralysis in the middlegame
\r\n-- Maneuvering.
\r\nThere are many exercises and summaries throughout the book.
\r\nIn a special preface Daniel’s parents tell the story behind this book, which teaches chess skills every club player needs in order to win more games.
\r\nFigurine Notation, 240 Seiten, 2010, kartoniert, englisch.'