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Reinfeld: How to Play Chess like a Champion

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Editor`s Introduction

Author`s Preface

How to Record Moves

Chapter 1: A Thing of Beauty
Outstanding Feats of Skill and Imagination

Chapter 2: Lightning from a Clear Sky - Or Slow Torture
More Gems of Master Chess Play

Chapter 3: Even As You and I
Typical Games of Average Players

Chapter 4 They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play
Amateurs vs. Masters

Chapter 5: To Err Is Human
Masters Blunders Too

Chapter 6: Once in a Lifetime
When Amateurs beat Masters

Chapter 7: Facets of Master Play
What it Takes to Be a Master

Chapter 8: How to Improve
Five Ways to Better Play

136 Seiten, 2013, kartoniert, englisch