Rudel: Dangerfield Attack

Rudel: Dangerfield Attack

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Dutch Defense players often have the smug satisfaction of knowing their opening better than their opponents. But if you play the Dangerfield Attack, the joke will be on Black!

Like the American comic icon Rodney Dangerfield, those who use an early Bf4 against the Dutch ''get no respect.'' Dutch Defense manuals frequently dismiss it, but then they ignore White's best continuation, often assuming the first player will follow up with a meek London System setup.

Rudel presents an entirely new way to play Bf4 against the Dutch. This attack is a plug-and-play solution for those opening 1.d4. All standard Dutch Defense formations are covered, including Q-side fianchetto defenses and the deferred Leningrad.

Es handelt sich bei diesem Titel um einen Auszug aus dem Buch ''Fight the King´s Indian, Grunfeld and Dutch Fefenses with ZUKA'' (Artikel-Nr.: 17754)

167 Seiten, 2012, kartoniert, englisch.