Schandorff: Playing 1.d4 - The Queen´s Gambit (kartoniert)

Schandorff: Playing 1.d4 - The Queen´s Gambit (kartoniert)

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Playing 1.d4 – The Queen’s Gambit is part of an ambitious two-volume repertoire for White with 1.d4. The core of the repertoire from the first edition, published in 2009, is retained, but a multitude of details have been updated and improved within the lines. This is both the same repertoire but at the same time so much more, as when a boy grows up and becomes a man – many features are unchanged, but his strength and knowledge are expanded immensely.

Lars Schandorff is a Danish Grandmaster who is renowned for his deep opening preparation.



Key to symbols used & Bibliography


1 Queen's Gambit Declined
Follow the Patriarch
The 3...Be7 move order
The Mainline

2 Queen's Gambit Accepted
The 3...b5 Variation
The 3...c5 Variation
The 3...e5 Variation
The 3...Nc6 Variation
The 3...Nf6 Variation

3 The Slav
The Rare 3...dxc4
The 5...Na6 Variation
The 5...Bg4 Variation
The 5...e6 Variation
The Mainline: 5...Bf5 6.Ne5
The 6...Na6 Variation
The Mainline - Part One:
The Bishop Sacrifice - 15...0-0-0
The Bishop Sacrifice - 15...0-0
The Bishop Sacrifice - 15...b5 etc.
Kramnik\''s ending
The Mainline - Part Two
The Classical Move - 11.. .f6
Morozevich\''s 11...g5
Sokolov\''s Variation - 7...Nb6

4 The Semi-Slav
The Botvinnik Variation
The Moscow Variation
The Cambridge Springs
Queen's Gambit Declined
Theory: Botvinnik Variation
Theory: Moscow Gambit
Theory: Cambridge Springs
Theory: QGD

5 The a6-Slav
The 5...b6 Variation
The 5...Bg4 Variation
The 5...g6 Variation
The 5...Bf5 Variation
The 5...Nbd7 Variation

6 The Tarrasch
Positional Play
The 9...c4 Variation
The 9...Be6 Variation
The 9...cxd4 Variation

7 The Chigorin
The System
The a6-variation
The active 4...Bg4
Early Deviations

8 Minor Lines
The Albin Counter-Gambit
The Von Hennig-Schara Gambit
The 2...Bf5 Variation
The Symmetrical 2...c5
The Marshall Variation
The Triangle Variation
The Semi-Tarrasch
The QGD with 3...Bb4

Index of Main Games

Index of Variations

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