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Schandorff: The Caro-Kann

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In chess the Caro-Kann opening is one of Black’s most reliable answers to 1.e4. It is a regular favorite of elite players, who know that computer-aided preparation now threatens the sharpest lines of the Sicilian or Ruy Lopez (at the very least with a forced draw). The Caro-Kann is less susceptible to such forcing lines – Black sets out to equalize in the opening, and win the game later. Grandmaster Lars Schandorff reveals a bulletproof chess opening repertoire and lucidly explains how Black should play the middle and endgame
\r\nLars Schandorff is a chess grandmaster from Denmark who is renowned for his opening preparation. His first book for Quality Chess, Playing the Queen’s Gambit, received superb reviews
\r\nKey to symbols used & Bibliography
\r\nThe Classical Variation
\r\n1 Introduction
\r\n2 Early Deviations
\r\n3 6.Bc4
\r\n4 6.h4
\r\n5 11.Bd2
\r\n6 11.Bf4
\r\n7 12.Bd2
\r\n8 The Main Line 14.c4
\r\nThe Advance Variation
\r\n9 Introduction and Minor Lines
\r\n10 c4-Lines
\r\n11 Positional Lines
\r\n12 Short Variation
\r\n13 Shirov Variation
\r\nPanov Variation
\r\n14 Introduction and Early Deviations
\r\n15 The Endgame Line
\r\n16 The Sharp 6.Bg5
\r\nMinor Systems
\r\n17 Pseudo-Panov
\r\n18 Exchange Variation
\r\n19 Fantasy Variation
\r\n20 Two Knights Variation
\r\n21 2.d3
\r\n22 Rare Lines
\r\nIndex of Illustrative Games
\r\nIndex of Variations
\r\n254 Seiten, 2010, kartoniert, englisch.