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Semkov: Kill K.I.D. 1

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This book of Chess Stars offers an entirely new approach to the Four Pawns Attack against the King’s Indian Defence (KID).
\r\nThe author develops original aggressive ways to combat the KID and analysis them in great detail. He also covers various move orders for Black known as Modern Defence. There is no Kill KID 2 ...yet. This project is open to readers’ suggestions.
\r\nIntroduction 6
\r\nAbout the Structure of This Book 8
\r\nModern Benoni Pawn Structures
\r\nPart 1
\r\n1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 g6 3 Nc3 Bg7 4 e4 d6 5 f4 c5 6 d5 0-0 7 ¤f3 e6 8 Ne2 exd5 9 cxd5, Lines without 9...Re8 9
\r\nPart 2
\r\n7 Nf3 e6 8 Be2 exd5 9 cxd5 Re8 47
\r\nKing’s Indian Defence and Volga Pawn Structures
\r\nPart 3
\r\n5 f4 c5 6 d5 0-0 7 Nf3 Rare Lines without 7...e6 72
\r\nPart 4
\r\n5 f4 0-0 6 Nf3 Lines without 6...c5 81
\r\nModern Defence and Other Rare Move Orders
\r\nPart 5
\r\n1 d4 g6 2 e4 Bg7 3 c4 97
\r\nPart 6
\r\n1 d4 g6 2 e4 Bg7 3 c4 d6 4 Nc3 Nd7 5 Nf3 113
\r\nPart 7
\r\n1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 d6 3 Nc3 Lines without ...g6 124
\r\nIndex of Variations 137
\r\n140 Seiten, 2009, figurine Notation, kartoniert, englisch.