Smerdon: Smerdon's Scandinavian

Smerdon: Smerdon's Scandinavian

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Grandmaster David Smerdon plays the Scandinavian, but not in the typically solid style of this popular opening. He gives the Scandinavian a welcome twist by using it as an all-out attacking weapon! The repertoire he presents in this book is an enhanced version of the one he has successfully employed at grandmaster level over many years. The backbone of his repertoire in the main lines is provided by the razor-sharp Portuguese and Icelandic gambits, while Smerdon also gives answers for Black against White’s other options. Smerdon examines the most important games, presents cutting-edge theory and shares all his discoveries with the reader. This book tells you everything you need to know about successfully playing Smerdon’s Scandinavian.


- A complete repertoire for Black after 1 e4 d5

- Examines the Portuguese and Icelandic Gambits

- Packed with new ideas and critical analysis



About the Author




How to Use This Book

One Hundred Games


Section One: The Portuguese Complex - 3 d4 Bg4!?

1. The Banker: 4 f3 Bf5 5 c4

2. The Jadoul: 4 f3 Bf5 5 Bb5+ Nbd7 6 c4

3. The Melbourne Shuffle: 4 f3 Bf5 5 Bb5+ Nbd7 6 Nc3

4. The Correspondence Refutation: 4 f3 Bf5 4 g4!

5. The Wuss: 4 Be2

6. The Lusophobe: 4 Bb5+ Nbd7 5 Be2!

7. The Elbow: 4 Bb5+ c6!?

8. The Classical: 4 Nf3


Section Two: Principled Greed - 3 c4

9. The Icelandic Gambit: 3...e6

10. The Panov-Botvinnik Attack: 3...c6


Section Three: The Modern Treatment - 3 Nf3 Bg4

11. The Goulash: 4 c4!?

12. The Celeriac: 4 Be2

13. Charlie’s Choice: 4 Bb5+!


Section Four: Check! - 3 Bb5+

14. 3...Bd7

15. 3...Nbd7


Section Five: Odds and Ends - 1 e4 d5

16. 2 exd5 Nf6 3 Nc3

17. 2 Nc3

18. The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit: 2 d4?!

19. 2 e5?!



Index of Illustrative Games

Index of Variations


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