Soltis: David vs. Goliath Chess

Soltis: David vs. Goliath Chess

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  • A fully comprehensive guide covering the aim of every chess player: how to beat a superior opponent.
  • Packed with tips and tricks, strategies and illustrative examples trom 50 of the best chess upsets in history, annotated in accessible and instructive language.
  • Popular chess author and International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis brings you the crucial techniques every chess player needs to know - perfect for players of all levels.

Chess history is littered with chess struggles where the weaker player has prevailed. Chess masters, even international Grandmasters, can be defeated by young and improving players who use the right techniques and proper attitude.

In David vs Goliath Chess, renowned chess writer Andrew Soltis takes you through 50 annotated games that show how weaker players have scored stunning upsets by overcoming a superior opponent's greater knowledge and experience. He gives tips on everything from the best psychological mindset to take on a strong player to studying your opponents past games, identifying weaknesses and identifying chess strategies he or she won't expect.



Chapter One: It's Good To Be A David

Chapter Two: When Titans Fall

Chapter Three: All Hail the Unknowns

Chapter Four: One, But A Lion

Chapter Five: First Round Fearless

Chapter Six: Show Time

Index of Players

Index of Openings


236 Seiten, 2016, Figurine Notation, englisch.