Soltis: The U.S. Chess Champions 1845-2011

Soltis: The U.S. Chess Champions 1845-2011

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This thoroughly updated and revised edition of the highly acclaimed 1986 reference work provides a definitive history of all championship events in the United States through April, 2011. Both the games and the occasions are covered in depth, including biographical details, descriptive settings, anecdotes, tournament drama, unusual games, and grandmaster analysis. Included in this edition are 13 new tournaments, 40 new diagrams and 13 additional crosstables.



1845: A Champion Is Crowned
1857: Paul Morphy
1871-1889: The King Is a Captain
1891-1906: The Years of Confusion
1907-1936: The Champion Who Enjoyed It
The Reshevsky Years (1936-1942)
The Postwar Years (1944-1954)
The Fischer Era (1957-1969)
Primus Inter Pares (1972-1979)
The Russians Are Coming! (1980-1985)
Champions Galore (1986-1996)
Sponsor Shock (1997-2011)
U.S. Championship Summary
Individual Records

Openings Index

ECO Openings Index

General Index

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