Soltis: What it takes to became a Grandmaster

Soltis: What it takes to became a Grandmaster

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Becoming a Grandmaster is the ultimate aim for serious chess players, but whatever your chess abilities, this book will take you to the next level. Packed with tips, tricks and practical exercises aimed at players of all skill levels who aspire to greatness.

Even an average chess player can find the same moves as a Grandmaster as much as 75 percent of the time. The difference is that only the Grandmaster can find the other 25 percent. This book identifies the kinds of moves and techniques that account for that 25 percent. Among the topics covered in the book are: Mysterious rook pawn moves, Tacking, Piece Nullification, “King Feeling,” and how to play for a win without risk.

Written by one of our biggest-selling and best-loved chess authors, in his trademark chatty, accessible but always informative style, this book is filled with practical exercises and test games that will reveal the secrets of how to join chess’s elite ranks.



Chapter One


Bad Pawns Support Good Centers

Risk Management

Mystery Moves: Rooks

I Pass

Hidden Third Move

Blunder Zone

BOCs to Win

Preserving Tension

GMs Smell Zugzwang


Chapter Two

Endgame Anchors

Hierarchy of Advantages

Piece Nullification

Mystery Moves: Rook Pawns

Save the Redwoods

GMs Shorten Games

Unequal "Equal" Positions


Delayed Castling



Chapter Three

GMs Doubt Their Computers

Petrosian's Law

Right Rook

Space Counts

Freezing the Centre

Mystery Moves: Endgame RP Push


"... but the Knight is More Clever"

Multi-Goal Endgames

Phase II


Chapter Four

Good-Bad Bishops


Impossible Moves

Outcast Outposts

Mystery Moves: Queen

Permanent Pursuit

Lasker Rooks


Backward Ho


Chapter Five

Wing Chain


Limits to Calculation

Fischer Was Right

It Takes a Lot to Lose

Yes, Endgame Sacrifices

King Feeling

Bad Bishops Build Blockades

The Inexpensive Exchange Sacrifice

Enough Good Moves Are Good Enough


Quiz Answers


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