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Tak/Nijboer: Tactics In the Chess Opening 2

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Every chess player loves to win, but nothing compares to winning with a flourish. How happy we are when the tactics work and we decide a game with a cunning trick, a devilish trap or a delightful coup de grâce. The Open Games, more than any other segment of the entire opening spectrum, has always given rise to spectacular miniatures and fascinating sacrifices. For what is more beautiful than ancient King’s Gambit slugfests or modern classics by Kasparov, Short, Shirov and other war-horses. In this book you will find more than 250 carefully selected and expertly annotated Open games full of unexpected turns and brilliant surprise attacks. You can study these games or just enjoy them, but either way they will end up making you a stronger player! 239 Seiten, 2004, kartorniert, englisch.