Tartakower: My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954

Tartakower: My Best Games of Chess 1905-1954

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One of the most creative grandmasters ever to play the Royal Game was Savielly Tartakower. His combination of bold play and fascinating writing has long endeared him to chess aficionados worldwide. His classic work of best games has never been available in English algebraic notation. Until now.

“Tartakower’s annotations are unlike any other master of his time. He repeatedly stressed the psychological nature of chess, for example. Another ‘Tartakowerism’ is: ‘An attack is against a castled position, weak pawns and, most of all, against the mind of the opponent.’ What he reserves for a footnote, like what conditions are present to make a game a work of art, other authors would need pages to articulate, if they addressed the matters at all.

''This book was meant to do what all great annotations do: instruct, explain, and entertain. And it succeeds spectacularly.” – Andy Soltis in his Foreword

Experience the unique genius of Savielly Tartakower in this 21st Century Edition of his games collection – 201 games, 49 game fragments, all deeply annotated and quintessentially Tartakower!


Editor’s Preface by Taylor Kingston

Foreword by Andy Soltis

Author’s Preface by Savielly Tartakower

Translator’s Foreword by Harry Golombek

Notes on My Chess Career

Tournament and Match Record

Chapter I: Barmen 1905 to Vienna 1908
Chapter II: St. Petersburg 1909 to Vienna 1919
Chapter III: Göteborg 1920 to London 1922
Chapter IV: Copenhagen 1923 to Hastings 1924/25
Chapter V: Paris 1925 to Moscow 1925
Chapter VI: Semmering 1926 to Hastings 1926/27
Chapter VII: Lodz 1927 to Berlin 1928
Chapter VIII: Scarborough 1929 to Budapest 1929
Chapter IX: San Remo 1930 to Liège 1930
Chapter X: Match with Sultan Khan, 1931, to Rotterdam 1931
Chapter XI: London 1932 to Paris 1934
Chapter XII: Sitges 1934 to Lodz 1935
Chapter XIII: Hastings 1935-36 to Parnu 1937
Chapter XIV: Ljubljana 1938 to Paris 1940
Chapter XV: Hastings 1945-46 to Groningen 1946
Chapter XVI: Hastings 1946-47 to Venice 1947
Chapter XVII: Budapest 1948 to Match vs. Yugoslavia, 1950
Chapter XVIII: Dubrovnik 1950 to Paris 1954

Index of Openings

ECO Codes

Player Index

440 Seiten, 1. Auflage 2015, kartoniert, englisch.