Taylor: Slay the Sicilian

Taylor: Slay the Sicilian

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Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor presents a repertoire for White against the most popular opening in chess – the Sicilian Defence. Taylor’s repertoire is based first and foremost on the Open Sicilian, which is regarded as White’s most ambitious and challenging response to the Sicilian. He focuses on the classical Be2 lines, which were popularized by the success of former World Champion and chess legend Anatoly Karpov. These lines are easy to learn and generally lead to solid positional play, but with a drop of poison. Taylor covers what to do against all the Sicilian variations. He examines the most important games, studies in depth the main plans and tactics for both sides, and highlights the key practical issues. Read this book and you will be ready to slay the Sicilian!

◦, Presents a Sicilian repertoire for White
◦, Covers all the main variations

◦, Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players




1. The Classical Variation: The Boleslavsky Wall
2. The Najdorf Variation
3. The Dragon Variation
4. The Scheveningen Variation
5. The Taimanov/Kan Complex
6. No Sveshnikov Allowed
7. Unusual Second Moves for Black

A Final Wrap-Up

Index of Variations

Index of Complete Games

Figurine Notation, 387 Seiten, 2012, kartoniert, englisch