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van Delft: Developing Chess Talent

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A great number of subjects pass the review: the educational value of chess, talent, motivation, the role of coaches and parents, goal-setting, self-management, making training programmes, physical factors and nurture, experimentation, mental training, creativity, concentration, psychological tips, chess thinking, workshop day in Apeldoorn called ?Youth Meets Masters?, the study of strategy, endgame studies, youth chess players as trainers, didactics, self-study, the analysis of games (the Apeldoorn Analysis Questionnaire) , the use of databases, training forms, training decathlons, talent days, the use of computers, theme tournaments, opening study, tactical exercises, variation calculation, visualization, working with volunteers, top-class sport versus recreational sport, making press releases, attracting sponsors, a study guide of the SBSA Youth Academy, email newsletters, making a chess newspaper, organizing tournaments (with a scenario) , a list of team captain?s tasks, and school chess.
\r\nDeveloping Chess Talent also contains information about research done by Karel van Delft: on chess as a subject on primary schools, and on the question whether the study of positions is more effective with two-dimensional positions or three-dimensional ones.
\r\nJan Timman, David Bronstein, Artur Yusupov, Loek van Wely and Rob Hartoch give their vision on talent development in interviews.
\r\nThe book contains an extensive glossary of chess terms.
\r\n240 Seiten, 2010, kartoniert, englisch.