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van der Sterren: Fundamental Chess Openings

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'* The perfect survival guide to the chess openings
\r\n* All openings covered
\r\n* Detailed verbal explanations of plans for both sides
\r\n* Up-to-date and featuring many tips and recommendations
\r\n* Insights into the \''character\'' of each opening
\r\n* Written by one of the world\''s foremost opening experts
\r\nThe first moves of a chess game define the nature of the whole struggle, as both players stake their claim to the critical squares and start to develop their plans. It is essential to play purposefully and to avoid falling into traps or reaching a position that you don\''t understand.
\r\nThis is not a book that provides masses of variations to memorize. Paul van der Sterren instead offers a wealth of ideas and explanation, together with the basic variations of each and every opening. This knowledge will equip players to succeed in the opening up to good club level, and provide a superb grounding in opening play on which to build a more sophisticated repertoire. The strategies he explains will, unlike ever-changing chess opening theory, remain valid as long as chess is played, and so the time spent studying this book will be rewarded many times over.
\r\nGrandmaster Paul van der Sterren has won the Dutch Championship on two occasions, and in 1993 reached the Candidates stage of the World Chess Championship. He is an internationally renowned chess writer and editor: he was one of the founding editors of New in Chess, for whose Yearbooks he has contributed more than 150 opening surveys.
\r\nSymbols and Notation 5
\r\nIntroduction 6
\r\nThe First Move 8
\r\n1 d4 9
\r\nQueen’s Gambit Declined 11
\r\nSlav and Semi-Slav 27
\r\nQueen’s Gambit Accepted 40
\r\nOther 1 d4 d5 Openings 46
\r\nNimzo-Indian Defence 57
\r\nQueen’s Indian Defence 77
\r\nBogo-Indian Defence 89
\r\nKing’s Indian Defence 93
\r\nGrünfeld Defence 121
\r\nBenoni and Benko 140
\r\nOther 1 d4 Nf6 Openings 159
\r\nDutch Defence 174
\r\nOther 1 d4 Openings 185
\r\nFlank Openings 198
\r\nSymmetrical English 199
\r\nReversed Sicilian 222
\r\n1 c4 Nf6 and Other English Lines 233
\r\nRéti Opening 248
\r\nOther Flank Openings 261
\r\n1 e4 269
\r\nRuy Lopez 272
\r\nItalian Game 301
\r\nScotch Opening 312
\r\nFour Knights Game 318
\r\nPetroff Defence 322
\r\nKing’s Gambit 328
\r\nOther 1 e4 e5 Openings 337
\r\nFrench Defence 347
\r\nCaro-Kann Defence 375
\r\nSicilian Defence 389
\r\nAlekhine Defence 447
\r\nPirc Defence 453
\r\nOther 1 e4 Openings 461
\r\nIndex of Named Opening Lines 469
\r\nIndex of Variations 472
\r\n480 Seiten, 2009, kartoniert, englisch'